bareMinerals eyecolour|Swatches

Hello, my lovelies!

Two posts in one day!? Yep. I’m trying to make it up to you, for being away for a while. The Walking Dead took over my life for three days, but anyway! 

I thought it would be nice to create a series, where I just show swatches of collections that I own. Also I’m trying something new, with picture formatting, to make it earlier, and not make these posts a photo spam!

I’ll be showing you the swatches of the bareMinerals loose eyeshadows, which I own, Now I don’t know if you can get these shades separately, these are what I got some multiple sets from QVC, quite a while ago.


Top Row: Giggle, Yoga, Bordeaux, Poise and Giggle

Bottom Row: Cream Soda, Sparking


These swatches have been photographed in natural lighting.

See you Soon!


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